Individual FIT’s

Our Individual FIT’s department will be happy to respond to all requests for services for your clients anywhere in the United States.

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We have included a typical example of a response to an F.I.T. (Frequent Individual Traveler) request.

Please note that when we receive your dates, we always book all services immediately to guarantee our rates and availability. In our free estimate, we indicate deadlines for confirmation or cancellation of services.

If the request does not include specific dates, we are quoting rates based on the hotels we often use. If the recommended hotels are not available for the actual dates, we always make every effort to reserve hotels of the same category at similar rates.

This section also includes our two most popular West Coast "Fly & Drive" tour products:

When making your FIT requests, please provide the following information:

  1. Exact travel dates
  2. Port of entry and exit (Airports)
  3. Destination highlights (National Parks, Theme Parks...)
  4. Number of rooms, beds, names of guests
  5. Ages of children
  1. Car type
  2. Date, place, and time of pick-up (please indicate downtown or airport)
  3. Date, place, and time of return (please indicate downtown or airport)
  1. Exact dates and destinations (with suggested departure or arrival times)
  2. Passenger names (and ages of children).