Every year, A La Carte Tours works on a number of international conventions (medical and other), such as: 

1/ Medical sector

A.A.N. (Neurological), A.A.O. (Ophthalmology), A.A.S.L.D. (Liver disease), A.C.C. (Cardiology), A.C.R. (College of Radiology), A.E.S. (Epilepsy), A.D.A. (Diabetes), A.G.A. (Gastroenterology), A.H.A. (Amer. Heart Assoc.), A.P.A. (Psychiatric), A.S.C.O. (Clinical Oncology), A.S.D.A. (Sleep disorder), A.S.H. (Hematology), A.S.Hy. (Hypertension), A.S.T.P. (Transplant physicians), A.S.T.R.O. (Therapeutic radiology and oncology), A.T.A. (Thyroid), A.T.S. (Thoracic), A.U.A. (Urology), A.V.S. (Vascular society), I.C.A.A.C. (Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy), N.A.M.S. (Menopause society), R.S.N.A. (Rheumatology) ... 

2/ Other sectors

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Show, Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, Conexpo, Home Garden Show, INFOCOM, International Bakers Association, International Wine Council, Kitchen & Bath Show, N.A.A.B. (Broadcasters), National Restaurant Association, Rodeo Finals Championship, Rotary Club International ... 

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